Program Management
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Project Management, Program Management and PMO Consulting

A project should be initiated for every business change. If you have a complex organization and your Project Management Office (PMO) is struggling to keep up, call in PMG for expert help.

Without change, there would be no need for a project. As changes affect more people, more processes, more expense - and even more technology, you need a solid core of processes to run it all smoothly and predictably.

At PMG, we've run hundreds of complex projects and programs - and we haven't missed a target in 15 years. Programs with $50 mm budgets and hundreds of staff need mature templates and seasoned mentors to ensure that changes, large and small, follow a common method and adhere to a common language throughout your organization.

Project management is critical to the successful implementation of complex change in your business. A good Project Manager, with good program processes, can save your company millions of dollars and embarrassment. 

With over 200+ projects under our belt and 21 years in the Strategic consulting, you can be certain that your needs will be met - on time and on budet.

Invite us into your business to discuss:

  • Is a PMP is a resume booster for new Project Managers?
  • What can a maturity roadmap mean for your business? 
  • How can we help?

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